Essay: Aspirational Play – Adding a Sense of Wonder to Game Design


Aspirational game elements are a great add-on to any fundamentally strong game, and are worth the extra money and time used to make them because the possibility found in those aspects motivates and inspires players to continue playing.


  • Adding secret levels/stuff to your game may take extra time/money but is worth it
  • People don’t just experience what is given to them in the game, but the internet shares with them other things
  • Aspirational play: the idea of being able to experience something in the future


  • When creating aspirational game elements they should focus on a sense of possibility to make players want to start/continue playing
  • Players will experience the mystery elements of your game/want to find them, and will help make the money back to the effort that was put in to make the hidden stuff in the first place


  • Core game can’t be boring or people won’t care about finding hidden things
  • Aspirational aspects inspire people to pick up the game and/or keep them playing the game

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