5 Capstone Project Ideas

CC Image Miniature Video Game Floristry by Donna at Flickr

Idea #1
A group of blind people must team up to protect the Earth and the non-blind people from invading aliens.
Genre: 2D Adventure/Futuristic, side-scroller (?)
Objective: Kill the aliens and the boss alien, save the dying Earth
Story: The Earth is dying because of global warming, is really a bunch of aliens basically toastering the world. Only blind people can see the aliens, but nothing else. Must figure out how to kill the aliens to save the Earth but also get around basic obstacles because they are blind (couches, how to drive a car, etc.) Dumb things like stubbing their toes are how they lose life points. Simple formatted game, sort of complicated story line. Fun and light aesthetic, bright colored aliens with everything else dark to put emphsasis on blind factor.
Mechanics: Running, jumping, shooting, crouching, punching

Idea #2
A private investigator must race to find the kidnapper and save the girl by solving a quick series of problems before the time runs out.
Genre: Mystery/Adventure, Top Down Shooter
Objective: Find the kidnapper, save the girl
Story: Private investigator is hired to locate a girl, game is all about the story leading up to finding the girl before she is murdered. Lots of clues, kind of like the clue board game. Time limit is the enemy. Kind of a brain game. Dark and evil aesthetic, maybe black and white to make it seem older.
Mechanics: Searching, running

Idea #3
The player has to pilot his rocket to the given star (varies in each level) before the other players and has to avoid a series of obstacles.
Genre: 2D Action, Racing game
Objective: Pilot your rocket to the given star before other players
Story: Every player is given a certain “star” to fly to before the other players 10 seconds before the race. Must find the quickest route for each level. Obstacles such as planets, blackholes, space stations, etc. Fun, colorful and happy aesthetic. Lots of neon colors and bright, eye-catching things.
Mechanics: Steering/piloting, shooting

Idea #4
You are the chosen one and you have been dropped, with no memory, in the middle of a civil war and you must help save the rebellion from demolition.
Genre: Dystopian Adventure, War, Top Down Shooter
Objective: Find out why you are the chosen one, use this information to win the war and save 5 stars
Story: There is a solar system with 5 very small stars, all of different colors (blue, red, orange, yellow, green) and civilizations are built around them. Civilizations are based off of their star, like green people are nature oriented, red people are the nobility, blue people run the government, orange people handle military operations, etc. For each star the people have different super powers. The people can’t travel from one star to the other because of different environments, require certain lights from stars, except the outcast portion of people who can go to all planets and have variations of all superpowers. They run the rebellion against the government that has banished them. Girl is sent to 5 stars with no memories except her name, and she doesn’t know her superpower but can travel to all 5 stars. There is a prophecy surrounding her and that she is the “chosen one” so she must find out why to save the world and help rebellion win the war. (This was an idea for a book I wanted to write.) Dark and war-like aesthetic, lots of blood and gore.
Mechanics: Shooting, running, jumping, punching, crawling, swimming, digging

Idea #5
The giant octopus alien thing must throw each planet into it’s designated position before the time runs out or the universe won’t be created in time. 
Genre: 2D Outer space action (?), Platformer (?)
Objective: Throw all the planets into their designated places before the time runs out
Story: The Big Bang Theory wasn’t a bunch of atoms suddenly exploding, but instead this giant octopus monster thing wanted to create his own universe so he created ours. Puts weird perspective on the universe and that our universe was created by a different species in their own universe like as an art project. The game is based around the octopus “throwing” the planets at a “canvas” in correct spots based on their number, color, and symbol. Sort of like a matching game and you have to be quick as levels increase. Colorful aesthetic, very low-key and not intense, sort of peaceful mood.
Mechanics: Throwing


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