Project Management and Bug Reporting Software

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#1: Trello

Pros: Trello is very easy to organize. When I first made my account, it showed me how to organize my lists and my board. The layout is very simple, and can be easily understood and changed according to the user’s preferences. There are also options to create teams, which is a feature that allows you to collaborate. You can also add due dates, which would be helpful to keep a team on task. It is also free.

Cons: In some other organization software, there are ways to add more customizations and organize your notes even further, which I would have appreciated. Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of cons, Trello seems to be a pretty full proof project management software.


Pros: When first signing up for Taiga, it gave a short tutorial/tour of how to use the software. When going to create a project, there were a couple of options for what type of project to use. This was a cool option that Trello didn’t have, nor an option I would have thought to have in the first place. It was the sort of thing you didn’t know you needed. The first option I chose shows the evolution of your project which is pretty interesting.

Cons: At first all the options were a little overwhelming, and the layout wasn’t nearly as simple as Trello. Along with lacking the simplicity Trello had, it also didn’t have the easy-to-follow tutorial that would show me how to use the software, which was present in Trello.

#3: Slack

Pros: Slack when first logging in is already very easy to use. The layout is simple, but not too simple. There is also a short fill in the blank type thing in the beginning of getting an account to help you understand how to start your first project. There is also an easily-accessible chat function in Slack, which is unique to the other two softwares. Along with all of this, it is very easy to set up an account and it’s free.

Cons: There isn’t a list function, and it seems like more of a chat room than an organizing/project management software. There also really isn’t a clear way to track your progress or see how far you’ve gotten, which is present in the other two softwares.


For my project, I would like to use Trello. It seems to be the easiest to use and has the best overall set of functions that would be convenient for this project. Both Taiga and Slack are great, but would work better in other projects (in my opinion).

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