My Game Flowchart


CC Image Final game chart at Flickr


While making this flowchart I learned a lot about different symbols, organization and design of a flow chart. With the symbols, the rectangles/squares represent the game checking for different processes, which are later represented by rectangles with lines on the inside. The rectangles can also lead to diamonds, which represent different decisions. Finally, the rounded rectangles represent the start or finish of the game. As I write this, I’m now realizing I probably should add in a couple more rounded rectangles to make things more clear. As for some picky details, I learned that in a flow chart you always want the arrows moving down or to the sides or directly up, never diagonally. The arrows should also have sharp edges, not rounded ones. Finally, everything should be spaced neatly, organized, and sequential to the process you want the actions to happen in. All in all, making this flow chart has forced me to look at my game idea from a different perspective, and I think it made all the choices I have to make about my game seem a lot simpler.

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