Video Essay: How To Create A Strong Female Character

Creative Commons image Wonder Woman TSR7 by Ma_Co2013 at Flickr


After watching this video I learned how to create a strong female character.

What Is A Strong Female Character?

A strong female character has nothing to do with its gender, and all to do with the way the character is built. In any good movie with a strong lead character, if you were to change the gender of the character it wouldn’t affect the story at all whatsoever.

Why Are Strong Female Characters Important?

Again, the gender doesn’t really matter when creating a strong character. Without a strong character in general, the story would collapse because a strong character, like all other elements of a story, are vital to how successful the story is. Now, without strong female characters, there wouldn’t be as many characters for women to look up to. Wonder Woman is a fantastic example of a strong female character. So many girls, old and young, look up to her as a hero. Her story has inspired so many people, and that’s why we need strong female characters.

How Do You Create A Strong Female Character? 

If you loo at my recent post, Video Essay: How To Create A Great Character, you will find more specific information to creating a strong character. The gist of it though is that you want your character to be strong in at least one of these three elements:

  • Likability: How much will the audience like this character?
    • Could you hold a decent conversation with the character?
  • Competency: How good are they at what they do?
  • Activity: How much do they persevere?
    • Do they affect the plot or does the plot affect them?

If your character follows these guidelines it doesn’t matter what gender they are, they will be strong.

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