Collaborative Film Project Goals

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Core Film Production Roles


Some core skills for this role are leadership, sense of direction, time management, organization, and being able to see the big picture.

I would probably need to research more in the areas of mise-en-scene and being able to have more of a sense of direction when it comes to where I want the film to go/end up looking like.


Some core skills for this role are organization, time management, detail orientation, focus for long periods of time, and enough film knowledge to make the editing flow well (not feel choppy).

I would probably need to research more in the areas of keyboard shortcuts, tricks found in Premiere Pro, and editing tricks to make the scenes flow well and look professional.

Skills and Interests in a Team

I am reasonably skilled in organization and staying on task so in a team I would be looking for someone who is good with a camera and has more skill in cinematography because that is where I lack the most in. I also have very limited musical talent so I would most definitely need someone who is able to compose a soundtrack.

Filmmaker Goals

  1. I would like to direct and edit a documentary of a subject of my choice this year and enter it in the All Girls Film Contest.
  2. I would like to gain more experience in the sound/audio role as I have never taken on that role in film before.
  3. I would like to try and make an animated film in Unity using my experience in both Game Design and Film combined because I think it would be very challenging but also very fun to combine experience from two different classes.

Core Team Members

Form your core production team.

  • This process can be a stressful experience for some
  • It shouldn’t be a process of picking teams publicly, but rather a process of discussion, negotiation and mutual agreement.

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