Capstone Project – Top 2-3 Ideas

CC Image Idea by Joey Gannon at Flickr

Idea #1

For this game, the idea will be based off of the phone game Geometry Dash but with rocket ships. It is a side scroller and a platformer and requires jumping and shooting. The object of the game is to complete each level and to earn money for completion. The more money you have, the more customization options you will have for your rocket ship.

Idea #2

The Earth is dying because of global warming, is really a bunch of aliens basically toastering the world. Only blind people can see the aliens, but nothing else. Must figure out how to kill the aliens to save the Earth but also get around basic obstacles because they are blind (couches, how to drive a car, etc.) Dumb things like stubbing their toes are how they lose life points. Simple formatted game, sort of complicated story line. Fun and light aesthetic, bright colored aliens with everything else dark to put emphasis on blind factor.

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