Video Essay: The Blue Shell


  • How does the blue shell work?
    • Homing missile that searches out the player currently winning the race
    • Basically ruins people’s days
  • Objective of game: Get to the front, stay in first, win the race
    • Once you are ahead though, there’s no interaction with other players and the race becomes more boring
  • Purposes:
    • Catch-up mechanism
    • Only people far behind receive the blue shell, helps them catch up
    • Makes race more interesting and close for the people in the front
  • Designers addressed problem that a close race is much more fun
  • Sacrifices a little difficulty to make races more fun for those who just want to play the game
  • For those who wanted to master the game, the designers gave very technical ways to escape the blue shell and to outsmart it
  • All in all, blue shell is there because being way behind is almost just as bad as being way ahead

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