Listen Smart – Safely Handling the Power of Sound pt. 2

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Can You Hear This?

Listen Smart – Safely Handling the Power of Sound


  • Sound is measured in decibles
  • If above 9, you can sustain for no more than 8 hours
  • Rock concert : 110-150 decibles
  • Once hearing is gone you can’t get it back
  • 10-20% of highschool students have hearing loss
  • One out of twelve 30 year olds in U.S. has a hearing impairment
  • Can happen within 30 seconds
  • If you hear your ears ring you have a “noice hangover”
  • Wear ear plugs to prevent damage
  • Stand back from the rock band to prevent damage
    • 10 ft between you and speaker/source of noise
  • Avoid stimulants like coffee For Audio Career Tips

  • Examine for information about sound safety in the workplace
  • Take notes on sound careers and safety

Chart of Sound in the Environment

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