Chocolate! – Post-Production Journal


For the post-production segment of this project, each person individually edited the footage their team had filmed with Premiere Pro. We went into greater depth with editing on the eye/blink, making it so the edits aren’t noticeable and perfecting our editing workflow. This helped get the project done quickly and efficiently all without losing an ounce of creativity. The final product is a short 30 second film about a couple arguing over chocolate. (Shown below)

The Film Final Edit

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

All in all, I learned the most about organizing my workflow. Editing is a tedious and somewhat complicated process that requires immense attention to the smallest of details. This makes your workflow so important. Before this project I hadn’t really had a workflow, as I had just done things in a wonky way that got the project done. For this project, I followed a set of steps which helped get my project done a million times faster. One problem I solved was that I had no idea how to sync audio to video before this as I’d never done it. To solve that problem I had to look on YouTube for tutorials on how to do it, which helped me solve that problem.

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