ADR Project


For this project I was given a video clip with bad audio, and an audio clip with 5 different loops of better audio. The assignment was to find the good audio clip that best matched the video and sync it visually in Premiere Pro, creating a new clip. The final product is a short video with much better audio quality than the original thanks to ADR.

Film Before Visual ADR

Film After Visual ADR

ADR Terms

  • ADR: Automated Dialogue Replacement: The process of recording audio in a studio to replace the audio that was recorded on set
    • Used to fix technical problems
    • Used to replace an actor’s vocal performance
    • Used to make a TV safe cut
    • Used for creative purposes
  • Post synchronization = dubbing
  • When ADR was first being done the film would play in a loop over and over again, called looping
  • Partial ADR – Must:
    • Match microphones
    • Match mic placement
    • Match environmental reverb
  • Visual ADR: actor visually matching lip sync
  • Audio ADR: Actor matches the sound of original audio

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

To conclude this project, I learned more about the ADR process. I learned a thing or two from the different YouTube tutorials we watched, and I also got hands-on learning experience by practicing syncing audio to video visually in Premiere Pro. This helped teach me the importance and steps of ADR. One problem I solved was when I was dropping the audio file into the work space, I couldn’t figure out how to drop the audio separately from the video. To solve it I Googled it really quick and ended up figuring it out.

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